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Years ago he was playing guitar with lot of funk/hip hop groups from Prague. They´ve always wanted to sound like Arrested Development, but they sounded more like bloody Cranberries. Then he started producing bastardpop and became a legend (few tracks on Radio 1). At 2006 he gets turntables, he is playing as bastardpop DJ and starts his cooperation with well known Czech alternative band called DPVJU and with blues band called United Cans Unlimited. By this time the Shadow Warrior Beatin EP has been self-released and songs from this tape rushed on air. Generasian Radio from Houston and Kiwibeak Radio from Chicago discovered Kiwi tunes and just bit later Radio , Radio Wave and Radio Akropolis played Kiwi sounds too. In 2007 Kiwi became member of Jesus Chrysler and Jane Honda and has released solo EP Swing Riot. He also played some solo gigs and live acts in Cross, Abaton, Atmosphere... and did some featurings with Tall, Boris Carloff, Jan Burian, OTK...

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