n o t h i n g a h e a d . .
23 | 12 | 2007
Merry Xmazz! Bolaphone finally comes out with his fresh material - raw coal beats & iron hustling melodies. What a great Christmas present for your grandma! Anyways, you should meet some really dark noises, heavy basses, mighty kicks and altogether creepy mining atmosphere with this 9 tracks EP called "BEAT sCULpTUREs". Today only digital MP3 release, regular CD-r coming out in early 2008 with cold-touching CD artwork by Bolaphone himself (complete cover also included in digital). As always, your wallets won´t suffer anymore. Enjoy your vacations, enjoy the fucking freezer / oven outside and don´t forget to feed your dog.
02 | 12 | 2007
Fresh news. There will be a hot party on 11th December 2007 in Mersey Club, Brno. Check flyer for more info! Fungitrash live, dj.noizcut pushing dope beats from Bully, NinjaTune etc. Some visualizations are prepared as well, so grab a party mood and come!
Now stricktly to GFR newsflash! Artist area welcomes one new member, a calm harmonic project with subtle beats called "Flesh of Love". Check his mental projections on YouSpace, now for FREE! There are also some new releases going on: Basementality, dj.noizcut, Bolaphone, AlgoRhythm of DecaDance, Fievel and hopefully Flesh of Love. Everything EPs, maybe available as CD-r again, we just don´t know at this moment (you know, it´s six releases after all). If you want to hear latest fresh beats from Ground Floor, jump on Bolaphone & dj.noizcut MySpace. That´s it.
01 | 10 | 2007
So the site outage took a bit longer due to some domain transfer issues. Nasty stuff. But we are finally moved. Now we can really focus only on releases, which are coming to shape really quickly. There is not solid release list, but presumably there should be a bunch of GFR releases coming out in winter. I have to also welcome a new band called Fievel in our rows presenting cool tropical electronic from distant Australia. Definitely check these guys MySpace for some tunes. If you pray for some other artists sound, then maybe you´ll be pleased with two remixes of Odd Nosdams "The Kill Tone Two" (full-length Level Live Wires recently released on Anticon) by Bolaphone and dj.noizcut. Listen and stay positive.
24 | 09 | 2007
Hi! GFR site will be unavailable in next couple of days. We´re moving to a better place. Everything should be running at the end of this week. Thanks!
20 | 09 | 2007
Yo! Some rough news today. Our artist base has expanded with two new members. Beatmaker Cuby, who released an EP 14 days ago here on Ground Floor, finally decided to join us and will be releasing regulary on our label. Second fresh name is well-known Myope Kiwi Ted, experienced and really talented musician. This dude plays blues on turntables! You´ll have to hear it... Myope just released album "Swing Riot!" on indie label Surreal Madrid, run over there to check it out. He also made an excellent video for one of his new tracks called "Phoenix". This video is of course featured in our Media section. That´s it!
03 | 09 | 2007
Allo! Today we´ve got a bit unexpected release - an EP by hosting beatmaker Cuby. This dude works outside GFR, but you can find his remix on Basementality's "Lay Of The Moony". Cuby came with finished material - five decent songs with catchy beats, surrounded by typical atmosphere, but different moods. Enjoy it.
27 | 08 | 2007
Just a quick update: we've re-implemented a newsletter function from the old site into this one, thanks Starenka for code. Wanna some hot info right from GFR? Sign up. We should also have a shop working this week, so stay tuned and prepare your dirty money. Out.
18 | 08 | 2007
Saturday morning. Raise The Dust. Finally, we are proud to present our VA compilation, a mix comprised of tracks by current GFR artists. Moods are swiftly changing between six names - from deep bass and classic beats to a decent electronic downtempo atmospheres. This release will serve you 18 regular tracks and 5 bonus remixes, that give us a number of 23 tracks with a playtime of almost 80 minutes! You'll have to just hear it... See details for more, ehm, details. Have a nice day, enjoy the compilation and don't forget to come back for more sound diseases.