n o t h i n g a h e a d . .
04 | 12 | 2008
New single "Kawaii City" by Phopha.
30 | 11 | 2008
Yeah! Bolaphone with new shit! EP called "Reality Disclaimer" is ready for download. Very moody stuff, very enjoyable. Most of the people who already heard it said "Phuck, awesome!". Really.
13 | 11 | 2008
We are proud to announce that our electronic hero Fungitrash is out with fresh material ! If you remember his first EP called "Wirepuke", you´ll find that this guy is somehow evolving, but still keeping his unique style in building an atmosphere and soundscapes overall. On "Angelus", you´ll experience beautiful and melancholic sonic journey served in 10 tracks, including impressive remix work of song "Mass Behaviour". Don´t sleep on this one and please your ears with something free.
28 | 10 | 2008
Another sweetness comes from Son Of A Bricklayer and our fellow Morgue, serving you almost 30 minutes of pure beat madness. Mixtape composed of untitled tracks, delivering the most broken atmospheres of today, raw drums and mindblowing synths. What else you need to read? Go and GET IT for no ca$h!
15 | 10 | 2008
There was a silence for almost three months, but we are finally back. With big things coming.
Our Artists section has expanded, even with Studio Osaka & Cuby leaving the roster. New people / projects around are Morgue, Shitao, Inside Bilderberg and Lost Soul Refuge. If you know these artists, you also probably know that they are making really interesting music. Otherwise check the Artists and feel free to explore their MySpaces, whatever.
Definitely don´t miss new EP by Lost Soul Refuge, entitled "The Calling". This piece consisting of 5 tracks is full of dark atmospheres and heavy beats, altogether it could be considered as a soundtrack to some horror movie. Cover photo by Karen Jones speaks for itself.
As for future releases - we should drop another thing next week, this time a mixtape by Son Of A Bricklayer and Morgue. These guys have similar tastes in drums, and what they will serve you is pure suicide! Right after that you should expect an album called "Angelus" by our very own Fungitrash. Beautiful and mellow as always, but still experimentaly disturbing.
That´s it. Enjoy new music & stay smart.
20 | 07 | 2008
Today our newcomer Son Of A Bricklayer serves you 11 extremely moody beats with lo-fi atmosphere through the whole release of "Shades Of Grey". Superior sample compositions with a bit of positive feeling here and there, but mainly a dark collage that will make you think about everything in grey again. Grab it and adore it.
07 | 07 | 2008
Finally we are proud to release "Babar" EP through our official channels. Those who don´t know Fievel yet, browse to their MySpace or take the Babar EP directly, then you´ll understand why these guys are best choice for hot summer nights. Open up beers and lets dance to some pure Australian rhythms!
22 | 05 | 2008
So here we are again. Lots of news today, believe me. First, the release talk. Mighty electro hustlers known as Fievel has finally put together an EP called "Babar", which will be released soon here on GFR. I already hear you screaming "Maaad shit give us that stuff we want to party!" so I´ll send you straight to TheirSpace, where you can check the whole thing. As Fievel says, this EP was recorded straight from sampler to laptop - no overdubs, precision mixing, mastering or editing. Each track is one live take. What else to say? Just Tristans' words: Let's sit by the fire, and wrap a warm sheepskin blanket around ourselves, and listen to some Fievel.
Another news are concerning our Artists section... guess what. Just a few days ago beatmaker "RARE" from Hungary joined us, so welcome aboard dude! Rare is producing classic hiphop beats with cool abstract flavour, which is really catchy by the way. Jump to our Media section to watch video for his addictive track called "Girl" or browse to HisSpace for even more stuff.
Last info is about upcoming show, which is upcoming really fast. Heavy Mental party this time features Fungitrash alongside with katsa.theo, Bratri v Tracku, Sucha Dlan Hladi Lan and Indie Scum. Electro-cosmic session you don´t want to miss! Party is taking place at Fléda club in Brno on 05 / 06 / 2008, entry 50 CZK. Check flyer for more info or Heavy Mental MySpace.
17 | 05 | 2008
This evening - Jihlava - Edgar Club. Fungitrash performing his own production live and dj.noizcut spinning the vinyl. Small humble party with serious electronic sound. Starts at 21:00, free entry. A bit late info, but better than nothing.
28 | 04 | 2008
Nearly one month passed and Bolaphone came out with new shit - single called "Loud ' n ' Coarse" filled with three brand new tracks. Beats deep as your pocket. For free. Grab it or leave it.
30 | 03 | 2008
Sweet! New release out - dark moody EP "Diesel In Wasteland" by our very own Flesh of Love. This dude will serve you so nice slow beats that your heart is going to work on 70 BPM or so... Do not miss this one.
24 | 03 | 2008
We are taking store orders again. You can still buy Raise The Dust, and also Beat Sculptures and Fliptions Abstractive. We´ve provided release pages with photos of cdr (if released), so you can see what are you going to own. Now you will also get GFR stickers as a bonus for each release. What a biz.
10 | 03 | 2008
Whoa another release! It has been just a few days when a new artist called "Phopha" joined us, and today we are releasing his EP titled "The Bus". You know, it wasn´t recorded in a week or so, this material has been in works much longer, but you could suggest that after listening. Precise melodies and chilly moods, it´s all about that. Just download the whole thing and enjoy yourselves. Stay tuned for another release really soon! Looks like we are awaking from a winter sleep. Good night.
02 | 03 | 2008
Hi. Noizcut made a video for track "Mass Behaviour" featured on Fliptions Abstractive EP. You can watch the whole thing in Media section. Enjoy! There is also a new release out. Well it´s not new at all. 9 tracks of legendary duo called Ninja Porno Clan. Haven´t heard about them? ´Coz they were deep under ground! This release is a little look to the past, as these tracks are about 10 years old. Yes, you read right. It was recorded sometimes between 1998-2000, then it was laying on a CD for fucking long time. Now the nightsmoke dude kindly offered these beats, so they won´t be forgotten so easily now. Sorry for low quality of some tracks, but we should be happy that at least this survived. This is not a regular GFR release, this is rare shit!
17 | 02 | 2008
New site design.
29 | 01 | 2008

So here we are with the first release in 2008! It´s an EP called "Fliptions Abstractive" by dj.noizcut, a stylized composition using large variety of samples. This one is huge - 13 tracks including bonus jam session with Bolaphone, although playtime of the whole release is around 40 minutes. Fliptions Abstractive comes out as MP3 release, but there should be some CD-r available soon along with Bolaphones "BEAT sCULpTUREs", so stay tuned if you´ll be interested in original bundle with decent artworks (these are included in digital release as well). What are the plans for near future? There should be new Basementality single / ep coming out this year. Some new Fungitrash material is also blowing in the wind, you could hear some of his new stuff on Synthetix 07 party. Other artists remain in winter sleep, silently forging their upcoming tunes so all of you anti-consumers can download them for free and be happy. Then we will be happy too.